This is how you suck everything! Suck it all with great success.

We hear you thinking: “Why should I even consider a new suction machine?” The Amphitec Suction Excavator has a number of great possibilities that makes you smile. Whether you are driver, operator or owner. We highlight 5 for you.

Different types of underground

Sand, mud, clay… the Amphitec vacuum sucks it all! How? The machine uses vacuum technology. This technology has many advantages. Click HERE to read more.

Never too high, too deep, too far

So, you can suck anything! And that brings us to the next suckvantage: working on height! The Amphitec vacuum machine is made to vacuum products with a hose on height and depth. Did you know that the machine remains having excellent vacuum power at great depth and height? The vacuum pump is designed to vacuum products on a 50 meter height. A lot easier than handling products by hand. The machine can even vacuum up to a 300 meter distance.

How it works

Because the vacuum that is created in the product tank you are able to suck materials at locations that are difficult to reach. A great example comes from a German customer. Their job was to clean the inside of a very large oven on an incineration plant. The oven being approx. 40 meters high, situated inside a building. The vacuum hose was led from the Amphitec machine to the location by going inside the building through a window, passing several floors, using different hose extensions, couplings and bends. All this while maintaining excellent vacuum power. The oven could be switched on again in no time!

Vacuuming residue from a silo with the Amphitec machine

Optimize logistics

When designing the Amphitec machine other factors are also considered. One being optimizing logistics. Besides user friendliness, it is important to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The product tank is designed in a way that it can hold maximum product volume. In this way more material can be sucked up in one go and you will need to go to the dump location less often. Because the driver spends less lime driving back and forth to the working location, the job is done faster!

Would you like more information about Amphitec or the Suction Excavator? Click HERE and find out!



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