Pure Craftmenship - The production of the Suction Excavator

The production facilities at Amphitec are running at full speed. As always.

Besides, the demand for super suckers like this power machine has increased substantially!

Amphitec Suction Excavator - Ready for the paintshop

Pure Craftmenship

During Christmas holidays, the Amphitec® Suction Excavation for the company Mobile Saugbagger Dienste was made ready for the next production phase. Here, you see the result of pure welding and constructional craftmenship. It is the second Amphitec® Suction Excavator for Mr. Ralf Klose. The machine is now demounted to be painted in the bright company colours.

Let us know we can help you maximize your efficiency for suction excavation by vacuum technology! Click HERE for a Quotation Request.

Read more about the reason why Mr. Klose CHOOSE the Amphitec® Suction Excavator.



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