The Suction Excavator Sucks! That gives you a big suckvantage.

You are facing vacuum digging works. You are ahead of most of your co-colleagues because you are sucking instead of digging. But, there is one more efficiency move to make. You can further optimize your working processes!

Sometimes it is difficult going down underneath the surface. One way or the other, there are always obstacles between you and the working location. For instance there is hard clay, earth or even ground water to remove. Removal takes time, energy and effort. Luckily there is a solution: the Amphitec vacuum machine!

Pure power

The Amphitec machine is based on vacuum technique. Ventilation machines use technique based on ventilation. The Amphitec machine is performing so powerful due to the vacuum that is created inside the product tank. The machine performs optimally because the vacuum pump can work on different speed levels at full vacuum. It saves you fuel, hence you will have your sustainable investment.

Click here for more information about the technique behind the machine < button met link >

Easy work!

The machine is equipped in such a way that you can execute your job with maximum efficiency. You are able to bridge large distances. You can both go deep into the ground and vacuum on great heights. Optimal vacuum power at even a 300 meter distance and 50 height or depth!

Did you know that, when designing the vacuum truck, the loading capacity is also maximum optimized? Link to OPTIMIZATION

The power of simplicity

The Amphitec machine is designed based on simplicity. The fewer buttons, the easier it is, and the less room for malfunctions. The machine has a relays based control. In the unlikely event of a malfunction the operator is able to solve it himself. You are saving valuable time. You will be able to resume the work quickly. Besides, the machine can be operated by one person. That saves you personnel! You can use your staff somewhere else. Cost effective and efficient! So, by working with the Suction Excavator you will optimize your work, use less fuel, need fewer staff and diversify your work. A great return on investment!

More information about Amphitec or the Suction Excavator? Click HERE!



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