Vacuum excavation: 5 times more efficient ! How easy can it be?

The main factor in choosing a suction machine is based on finding the right solution for your applications. Though, are you also considering sustainability? The Amphitec machine has both! Suction or Digging

A Suction machine has many advantages. It makes life safer, more efficient and easy to work. With suction excavation you can safely clear cables, tree roots and pipelines.

The Amphitec Suction Excavator clearing cables and pipelines

Great Suction Power

For optimal suction power you need a good vacuum pump. Together with the pump supplier Amphitec developed the Amphitec roots blower. It is the heart of the Amphitec Suction Excavator. By running the pump at the right speed you experience optimal suction power to suck different materials non-stop.

For example, when you clear a pipeline on a 50 meter depth or when your access to the work is blocked and you need to extend your hoses more than 100 meters. Even then, the pump remains very powerful. You will also save fuel by aligning the pump power with the requested application. Sustainable, you only use what you need.

Amphitec 'heart of the machine' Roots Blower

Damage prevention

During groundworks cables and pipelines are often damaged. A tedious and common problem. It causes a lot of inconvenience. The road closure takes longer, damage claims are filed and the citizens are affected. In addition, groundworkers might be exposed to dangerous situations. With the Amphitec Excavator you can safely remove ground and clay around cables and pipelines. Result: a safe working environment, preventing damages and cost.

Major advantage

You are performing groundworks. Your job is to clear cables and pipelines in a city centre. You know you will need to be at the bottom of a jungle of cables to access a damaged pipeline. The street is constructed below ground water level. How will you deal with the rising ground water? And the thick clay around the pipe? The Amphitec Suction Excavator is not limited to superficial groundworks. This machine is perfectly able to suck wet ground and clay! In the situation where most machines fail to continue, this power machine goes on!

From zero to pro

It is not difficult to work with this machine. Though, in order to make optimum use of the machine, knowledge of the ins and outs is useful. Amphitec provides training courses. Don't worry, these trainings ensure that you’ll get started quickly. You will learn how to set up the machine and will get instructions how to safely perform with suction excavation works. Many contractors are struggling with personnel problems. With the Amphitec training you are able to also retrain your current staff into a professional vacuum operator. Cool, right?

More info about Amphitec or the Suction Excavator? Go to ABOUT AMPHITEC



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