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Amphitec b.v. is producer of the Suction Excavator, the machine for safely clearing cables and pipelines. Since 2000, Amphitec b.v. specializes in offering solutions for the transport of materials by means of vacuum and pressure technique. The Head Office of Amphitec b.v. is situated in Hendrik ido Ambacht, the Netherlands. The company has in-house engineering and production facilities. The Amphitec machines are custom build for the international construction and industrial sector.

Today, around 700 Amphitec vacuum and pressure machines are sucking up materials. That is a huge number that we are very proud of!

Your Efficiency is our passion The Amphitec machines are designed by focusing on the user. By listening carefully what is needed. In this, user friendliness is always a major topic.

Our starting point is therefore always ‘Keep things simple’. By keeping the operation tools basic, downsizing parts, only use high-quality material. Making sure you can do your work quickly and safely. Only then you can achieve maximum efficiency.

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Amphitec B.V.

Veersedijk 75-77

3341 LL  H.I. Ambacht

The Netherlands

+31 (0)78 684 9476


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