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Amphitec b.v. is producer of the Suction Excavator, the machine for safely clearing cables and pipelines. Since 2000, Amphitec b.v. specializes in offering solutions for the transport of materials by means of vacuum and pressure technique. The Head Office of Amphitec b.v. is situated in Hendrik ido Ambacht, the Netherlands. The company has in-house engineering and production facilities. The Amphitec machines are custom build for the international construction and industrial sector.

Today, around 700 Amphitec vacuum and pressure machines are sucking up materials. That is a huge number that we are very proud of!


Your Efficiency is our passion
The Amphitec machines are designed by focusing on the user. By listening carefully what is needed. In this, user friendliness is always a major topic. Our starting point is therefore always ‘Keep things simple’. By keeping the operation tools basic, downsizing parts, only use high-quality material. Making sure you can do your work quickly and safely. Only then you can achieve maximum efficiency.


About | The Amphitec® Suction Excavator

Have you faced challenges of safely clearing cables and pipelines? Damaging cables and pipelines while digging may lead to dangerous and costly situations, resulting in millions of Euros of damage claims. There has been an increase in regulations and the need for a way to safely perform these jobs has never been so high. Solution: use suction excavation instead of digging.


The Amphitec® Suction Excavator is able to face many underground challenges. You’ll never know what you’re up against. You may face a vast amount of electrical cables and different pipelines, contaminated ground, underground water or hard to remove soil like thick clay. The Amphitec® Suction Excavator will do the work without using additional excavation material. This machine is specially designed for safely clearing underground cables and pipelines, doing the job fast and efficient by keeping the workers and surrounding area safe.


How it’s done

The Amphitec® Suction Excavator is based on vacuum technology. The pump creates a vacuum in the product tank. The material is then drawn into the tank or pushed down by the differential pressure of tank and outer environment. The higher the vacuum, the higher the differential pressure.

Vacuum is less depended on airflow, it’s just physics. A high flow of material can therefore be transported over very long distances and you can go deeper in the ground. Because less power is needed, fuel consumption is also sufficiently lower, which is better for the environment. Besides, it reduces cost!

Watch the animation about our vacuum technology!


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